With the peacefulness of a mother’s womb
a surreal ambiance floods the room
like tidal waves crashing on hidden shores
and as passion’s tide rescinds
candy rain drips from the mouth
of forever tomorrows
leaving trails of sugar stained memories
saturating satin canvases
as ecstasy echoes euphoric octaves
without disturbing the stillness of silence

Pound hearts drum break beats
as gasps for air ride the wind
like the baseline in jazz tunes
with silences swoons of the sweetest melody

Candle flames flicker
dancing the tango with incense smoke
rising to the rhythm of involuntary sighs
a purple haze covers the room
sweat covers embraced bodies
holding tight to this moment in forever
like photos suspend time
holding dear to precious memories

Ten thousand tongues
speaking ten thousand languages
for ten thousand lifetimes
could never articulate what I’m feeling inside
cause today, for the first time
through eyes wide shut
I’ve finally seen a glimpse
of what heaven must taste like.


Copyright © 2001 by Demetrius tha Poet