It’s been said that even before we’re born, our spiritual better halves have been determined. We are all supposed to have our perfect match, our soulmate. Have you found yours? Don’t think you’re too old and your soulmate is long gone; keep looking they are out there somewhere!

A soulmate is supposed to complete you; they should help make you a better person. You should be able to feel something special in your soul when you’ve found your match; it’s how you speak to one another, how well you get along and how you move through time together. A right partner genuinely believes in your greatness. They can see the dream you’ve envisioned for your life. They can share in your delight and can accept you for who you are today, and not for who you can be tomorrow. Finally, the relationship between soulmates is a place of peace and respite for the tribulations of daily life, it’s an outlet for enjoying life to the fullest.

You have found your soulmate when…

  1. When you feel you have met them before, your paths have crossed in a previous time.

2. There is a kind of warm and fuzzy comforting feeling by just being together even if there is no conversation going on.

3. You can almost feel and hear what the other person is thinking.

4. You go beyond feeling empathy, you can actually feel each other’s stress, happiness, sadness, pain.

5.  You can recognize each other’s flaws and understand how they can make you better as a couple. If one person is structured, then the other person knows that bills will always be taken care of every month like clockwork.

6. You share the same values, belief systems, and you both are supportive of each other’s goals for your own personal development and self-improvement.

7. You both know that talking things out is best when conflict arises.

8. Jealousy is no where to be found in your relationship because you both are secure in your love for one another.

9.  You listen to each other express opinions and you respect the differences.

10. Spewing vulgarities, threatening divorce is not the route taken when there is anger. Soulmates aren’t intentionally wounding, punitive or downright vicious toward one another.

11. Giving in is not a rare occurence, you do so because you want to make your mate happy.

12. Saying “I’m sorry” is not problematic, soulmates can easily apologize for being hurtful.

13. Soulmates would marry each other all other again even after going through some times they’d like to forget.

14. Hugging one another can actually bring about some inner peace and can take away some of the pain, and stress that is encountered in  everyday life.

15. Soulmates have trust and a kind of intimacy where they can share their vulnerabilities and inner pain with one another. They can expose their inner selves to their mates and know that safety and security surrounds them, and that nothing will be thrown back in their face.