Think you’re ready for a tattoo?

One in 20 folks who get their first tattoo are over the age of 60!

You’re over 50 and thinking about getting your first tattoo? Well the coast is now pretty clear, and the once negative social stigmas attached to inking skin are now but a mere memory.  Tattooing has become socially acceptable and more and more mature adults are now embracing this form of expression. According to statistics, one in three young adults has a tattoo and perhaps you want to join in on the fun too!

As it stands, one in 20 folks who get their first tattoo are over the age of 60 but experts think the trend will grow, as those who had concerns about the art form lay their frets to rest. If you’re over 50 and want to get a tattoo but still have reservations, check out these tips:

Look for a pro: Look for an artist who has an impressive portfolio of first-class pieces to show you. Ask if they have tattooed on mature adults because applying this process on older skin means working with softer, less elastic material that is more prone to bruising and pain.

Choose a design that will work for your skin type: Softer skin will not do well with designs that are intricate. Instead, look for a pattern that is bold yet simple and one that won’t have you sitting in a salon for hours. A design that will translate well is the best route to go, so work with the artist to find one.

Practice good hygiene: Make sure to practice good hygiene after getting your tattoo so that you do not develop an infection. As your skin ages make sure to keep it supple by moisturizing. Don’t forget to protect your tattooed skin by using sunscreen in order to prevent fading. A tattoo will definitely fade in direct sunlight.

Keep in mind that as you age, you should make every single day count so whether you want to travel, skydive, or get a tattoo, you should follow your heart’s desire! Maybe you’d like to display a tatt of a favorite philosophy, honor a loved one who has passed, or be reminded of an important event in your life, it’s your body, your life, walk on the edge and just GO FOR IT!