Take our ‘Are You Black Enough’ quiz

Test your historical knowledge of Black history.

Oh, so you think you know your Black history! Well, without having to resort to the internet to find answers, test your historical knowledge with our ‘Are You Black Enough’ quiz.

1) Who was the first African-American to graduate from Harvard University then became a U.S. Senator?

a) Barack Obama

b) Thurgood Marshall

c) Blanche Bruce

d) Hiram Rhodes Revels


2) Who was the first African American songstress to win five Grammy Awards in one year?

a) Missy Elliot

b) Janet Jackson

c) Chaka Khan

d) Lauryn Hill


3) The brilliant Katharine G. Johnson, depicted in the film Hidden Figures, was best known for…

a) being the first Black female astronaut

b) being the first Black female engineer

c) being the first Black NASA librarian

d) being a NASA mathematician who calculated flight trajectories critical to the success of spaceflights


4) Dr. Maulana Karenga created this cultural observance designed to celebrate African-American heritage.

a) Kwanzaa

b) Juneteenth

c) the national observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday

d) the celebration of Black History Month


5) Which hairstyle dates back to ancient Africa and remains popular to this day?  

a) Cornrows

b) Afro

c) Twists

d) Dredlocks


6) In the 60s, this activist encouraged African-Americans to stop using the terms “Colored” or “Negro,” to describe us as a people and to use the term “Black” instead.

a) Rev. Jesse Jackson

b) Al Sharpton

c) Stokely Carmichael

d) Huey P. Newton


7) Who was the first African American female millionaire?

a) Sojourner Truth

b) Madame C.J. Walker

c) Maggie Lena Walker

d) Mary Ellen Pleasant


8) Who is known as the ‘Father of Black History?’

a) Malcolm X

b) Marcus Garvey

c) Carter G. Woodson

d) Nelson Mandela


9) Black History Month is celebrated in the U.S., is it also recognized in Canada?

a) Yes

b) No


10) Who started the ‘Back to Africa’ movement and was later deported to his birthplace of Jamaica, W.I.?

a) Marcus Garvey

b) Huey P. Newton

c) Octavius Cato

d) Dion Diamond


11) Who influenced the civil rights movement by dismantling Jim Crow laws as an attorney?

a) Charles Hamilton Houston

b) Thurgood Marshall

c) Pauli Murray

d) A. Philip Randolph


12) Who was the first Black woman to run for a seat in Congress representing the Democratic party?

a) Shirley Chisolm

b) Amelia Boynton Robinson

c) Fredi Washington

d) Ida B. Wells









ANSWERS: 1) D; 2) D; 3) D; 4) A; 5) A; 6) C; 7) D; 8) C; 9) A; 10) A; 11) A; 12) B