Spice up your stale relationship with these sexy old tricks!

Many folks have fallen into relationship ruts and some have even stopped having sex altogether.

Got a stale love relationship? Spicing up a relationship that has been in place for decades is hard! Many folks have fallen into relationship ruts and some have even stopped having sex altogether.

But hold up, wait a minute!

There are a few time-honored sexy tricks you might have forgotten about that are sure to get those juices stirring again if you just make the effort.

Come on, it’s the love month and the pay off will put a smile on your face!

When you’re out to dinner, play footsies but make sure your feet land in the right lap!

Re-join or join the Mile High Club if both you and your partner can squeeze into an airline’s restroom. Just remember to keep those moans down to a minimum.

Replace those saggy granny panties or ripped up jockey drawers with sexy unmentionables.

Phone tease your mate. When he/she are conversing on the phone, flash them one of your naughty parts to get them cheesing.

Play a card or board game and make sexy bets. Got a pool table? Play pool in the nude and aim for those cue balls slow and sexy like.

One-on-one basketball can be a fun contact sport. Rub your butt against him when he’s trying to steal the ball from behind or smother him with kisses when he tries to shoot.

Play photographer and model. Give your man a camera and let him direct you in a model shoot. Make sure to do exactly what he says.

Have a decadent sex night at a hotel. The sky’s the limit when it comes pleasing each other. Do it up A-list celebrity style and drive up to the no-tell-hotel in a limo.

Go skinny dipping in a pool, you both will get a rush.

Check out a bad movie, sit in the rear of the theater and make out like high schoolers.

Renew your wedding vows and keep it simple. Why not head to Las Vegas and hit one of those drive-through chapels. It’s nice a warm and fuzzy feeling to once again experience those sacred vows you took so long ago.

Take turns reading chapters from a dirty book to spark the imagination and get old juices flowing.

Find a copy of the Kama Sutra the world’s oldest and most widely read guide to the pleasures and techniques of sex and work your way through the varied sexual positions.

Go commando! Surprise your mate by letting them know you’ve got nothing on underneath and hopefully, they will take it from there.

Visit an adult store or order from an online retailer sexy adult toys like handcuffs, vibrators, blindfolds and hot videos.

Undress each other slowly and teasingly.

Ask our partner to scrub your back as you bathe.

Let your man brush your hair as you sit between his legs while you watch TV.

Be your mate’s sex slave for a day. Cater to their every whim.

Often called Dr. Love, Dr. Paul Zak believes a person needs at least eight hugs a day to feel happy. When hugged, the brain releases oxytocin, a natural chemical that makes you relaxed, happy and in some case, feeling sexy.

Revisit talking dirty on the phone; tell your mate what you plan on doing to them once they get home.

Make an effort to give your partner at least five compliments a day which is sexy. Set the nagging and complaining to the side and instead, try making positive statements about their appearance or tasks they’ve done well.

Go for an impromptu pounce! Sex is mind blowing when you least expect it.