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The Reluctant Fashionista’s picks for best walking flats

Jon Joseph Gatsby Bee Happy—velveteen smoking slipper style flats, gold embroidery, comfy leather insole, rubber grip sole, $191,

According to medical experts, women are more likely than men to have painful feet, and wearing high heels could be a factor. As we age, however, poor-fitting high heels that crowd the toes are just bad news for women’s feet. There are those footwear fashionistas, who absolutely will not surrender their heels for flats. By the time you reach 50 however, even if you’re healthy and not over-weight, your feet may begin to complain because they’re changing, getting longer, flatter and wider. High heels are naturally uncomfortable. Women who spend a lot of time in high heels will make their feet more susceptible to deformities like bunions and hammertoes, as well as arch problems and ingrown toenails.

Fashion should never trump health and comfort should be the order of the day at all times. If you can no longer endure the pain of high heels and are not ready for those dowdy alternatives, our reluctant fashionista Judyth Watson-Remy, selected some comfy flats that definitely add pizzazz below the ankle.

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