Meet Judy, she loves leopard! Coat by A New Day, $50, Target

Outerwear is probably your priciest buy for the season; it’s the centerpiece of your wardrobe. We have seen outerwear style trends come and go, classics updated.  Ok, so by now, we have figured out that fashion, period, is also a constant reinvention.

We like the concept of using a real woman to showcase our fashion finds and not some runway waif sporting heroin chic. Our resident ‘reluctant fashionista’ and Good Stuff editor, Judyth Watson-Remy, has volunteered to go shopping for every issue to bring you looks that will hopefully make you feel and look good. We at 50BOLD believe that when it comes to fashion, you should wear whatever makes you happy, it’s all about individualism. We promise to keep the fashion prices affordable and the looks within reach as far as availability. Doing your own thing works for us!

There are flattering options for everyone in our editor’s outerwear mix. Judy selected a range of go-to cold weather coats and jackets that will brighten up dull days, or just provide warm and fuzzy weather comfort as the mercury drops. Check out Judy’s cozy coat finds:




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