The emotional balance for those approaching retirement can be a combination of sheer excitement or horrible trepidation of the unknown. After kissing their job goodbye, a retiree typically tends to rest, take trips, downsize their home, and treat themselves to the kinds of things they’ve always wanted to do. After the novelty of this serious shift in the everyday patterns of their life wears off, what then?

According to the experts, a retiree will go through an emotional loss of their identity and a definite fear of what will be the next chapter in their life. Despite the adjustments and perhaps difficulties for some, many will view the change as the major payoff they have been waiting for all of their working lives. So, are YOU really ready to call it quits and retire?  Take this quiz and find out:

1)   Is your home mortgage free?

a) Yes, thank GOD

b) No, I’m still quite a few years away

2)   If you’re a parent, do you still support your children?

a) My children are thankfully out of the house and on their own

b) Heck no, I still throw money their way

3)   Do you have another income source (rental property, side           business, freelance options)?

a) Yes, I’m always getting my hustle on

b) Nope, one job is good enough for me

4)   Are your peers retired?

a) Yes, a number of them have thrown in the towel

b) No, all of my peers are still holding down nine-to-fives

5)   Do you have hobbies or interests that will keep you busy?

a) Absolutely, I’m not one to twiddle my thumbs

b) No, never made time for anything other than my job

6)   Do you still have major debt?

a) No, I am pretty much debt-free

b) Yes, I am knee deep in bills

7)   Does not having a daily routine thrill you?

a) Yes, I can’t wait to make each day my very own

b) Not having a routine makes me break out in a sweat

If you responded with mostly ‘A’s,’ you are ready to call it quits on your job. Not being bogged down financially and not having dependents who are counting on you, means you can enjoy your retirement years without money woes. Having outside interests, retired peers you can hang out with, or another financial source will also make the retirement phase a more enjoyable situation.

If you responded with mostly ‘B’s,’ you might want to put in a few more years before you kick your job to the curb! Leaving your job while you are still in debt could be detrimental for not only your retirement plan but mental health. Being the first to retire in your social circle also makes one, the loneliest number. Not having hobbies or interests could definitely result in many humdrum days sitting in front of the TV or playing games on your cell!