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Poetry: When Birds Preach at Dawn

When Birds Preach at Dawn


In the amber blush of the breaking morn

Where night surrenders, a new day is born

Upon the canvas of the endless sky

Where dreams and hopes like eagles fly


In tweeted songs of feathered birds

A sermon spoken in morning yards

The birds descend, their wisdom clear

A message for all, for every ear


“Oh, children of the earth, attend!”

With hearts unbowed, our truths we send

In every flutter, in each trill

Lies the wisdom of the eternal will


We wake not with worries of yesterday’s plight

Nor fear the veiled approach of night

For in the present, we find our feast

In the sun-kissed day, we know no least


Our larders bare, yet we sing

In faith, we trust what each day will bring

The providence that paints our skies

Is mirrored within your searching eyes


In songs of gratitude, we take flight

Embracing the dawn with sheer delight

Our melody, a hymn to grace

Each note a smile on nature’s face


So hear us well, oh humankind

In the cadence of the gentle wind

Live like us, with hearts so free

In this very moment, find your glee


The past is but a fading song

A tale that’s told, a journey long

But now, oh now, the world is bright

A canvas vast, a pure, blank sight


In every flutter of wings on high

In every twinkle of morning’s eye

Lies the promise of a day, untold

A tale of silver, a tale of gold


So dance with us in the morning dew

With hearts aglow, embrace the new

For when birds preach at dawn so clear

They ask you this: what do you hear


Is it the promise of a life unchained

Where joy and love are never feigned

Oh, listen well, and hold this dear

In every whisper, hope is near


And thus, the avian choir did sing

A melody that made the heavens ring

A hymn of life, so bright, so clear

When birds preached at dawn, what did you hear


In every rustle of leaves that play

In every dawn of a brand-new day

There lies the truth, both far and near

The birds’ sweet message, crystal clear


In the anthem of the morning breeze

In the whispers of the ancient trees

Lies the answer to life’s grandest quest

In every beat of your hopeful chest


So let the song of the birds take flight

Guiding you through both day and night

Embrace the present, without fear

For in each moment, life is clear


–Edward Kusi

2023 © by Edward Kusi


Edward Kusi is a lifelong student/teacher who stands for the betterment of humanity in this adventure called life. Edward lives in Accra, Ghana and enjoys reading, writing, and researching.

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