Xmas tree


Merry Christmas!

(A season of love, charity, and celebration)


In the hearts of many, gladness is rich,

as many call on all to share with them

their joy and tales of adventure,

through the year so encountered.


In many places, friends, and folks,

meet for the year and hug with love,

sharing sweet smiles of happiness,

and the gladness of a joyful season.


By the corner, kids play and dance,

making friends of mixed generations,

building grounds for future friendship,

in hopes of many more Yuletides.


In the air, the feel is near tangible,

as happiness reigns over sadness,

with cheers and charity all spreading,

painful incidents are readily endured.


Joy is the feeling, the world over,

as forgiveness gives in abundance.

And charity lives in generous hearts.

Salutations! Felicitations! It’s Christmas!



©Oliver O. Mbamara, 2003 (2009) ©Poems of Freedom

For more about Oliver, his poems and other works visit: www.OliverMbamara.com