The Music


Ever since I met you I hear the music

flowing gently through my soul

it resonates with me that I cry

memories of you and I

Somewhere in time we have met

where music takes me away

a familiarity to a time and place that

was once mine

Lit candles all around the room

as we dance and look into each

other’s eyes

to music of harps and violins

memories of you and I

We stand outside on the balcony

watching the stars up in the sky

our lips speak poetry of love to

one another

my beloved and I

My soul is hearing the music

even now as I write

feeling this love of another time

memories of you and I


By Mary Ann De Lucia

Copyright © January 2020


Mary Ann De Lucia is a retiree who enjoys volunteering and being of service to others. She is also delighted to have rekindled her love for writing poetry and is working on a collection.