We celebrate poetess extraordinaire Sonia Sanchez…


Morning Song and Evening Walk

Tonite in need of you

and God

I move imperfect

through this ancient city.

Quiet. No one hears

No one feels the tears

of multitudes.

The silence thickens

I have lost the shore

of your kind seasons

who will hear my voice

nasal against distinguished


O I am tired

of voices without sound

I will rest on this ground

full of mass hymns.


–Sonia Sanchez


Copyright © 1999 by Sonia Sanchez. Excerpted from poem “Morning Song and Evening Walk”. Reprinted from the book Shake Loose My Skin published by Beacon Press with permission of author.


     4 haiku

(for Nubia)


Telephone wires sang

her voice over

soft sister laughter


you held us

with summer stained

smiles of hope


i hold your

breath today…you sail home

across the ocean


i see you Nubia

walking your Mississippi walk

God in your hands.


–Sonia Sanchez


Copyright © 2010 by Sonia Sanchez. Reprinted from the book morning haiku published by Beacon Press with permission of author.