At this stage of the game, no one has time for misery. If you have surrounded yourself with folks who are toxic, you know, the ones who bring you down instead of lift you up, then it is time for a change!

Toxic people are downright dangerous and can distract you from positivity. These negative folks are the ones who poke fun at you and rob you of your self-worth. They discourage you from doing things like going to the gym or developing a healthier lifestyle. They will find ways to make you stay in a bad relationship. They just cannot share in your joy. It is oftentimes difficult to distance yourself from these people because they tend to be clingy.

If you have a toxic person in your life and you need to detox the relationship, here are few tips on how to do so:

Identify that the poisonous relationship is harming you. Toxic folks manipulate and try to control or navigate the relationship. They are hard to please, never own up to their negative behaviors and rarely apologize. Keep in mind that assessing what traits cause mistreatment of you doesn’t mean that you are to blame. Toxic folks are still to blame, but knowing this will help you avoid them targeting you in the future.

Say it like you mean it. Toxic people will often not respond to “Go away!” If you try to create some space between you and the toxic person, they might become even more clingy. You cannot mince words when it comes to kicking toxic folks to the curb.  Be extremely assertive and direct with the toxic person about your intentions, then keep the necessary distance to make sure your message isn’t misunderstood. If the negative person is family, and it’s impossible to make a clean break, you can still establish clear limits for your interactions (be it, you will only speak on the phone once a month or you will only visit during the holidays).

Stick to your guns! Toxic folks will oftentimes try to sneak back into your life, don’t let them! Ignore their calls and texts, block them on all social media platforms. Don’t respond to their emails. Don’t let a few months go by of no communication and then circle back to see how they are doing! Once you have cut off a toxic person, don’t revisit the relationship. Love the new space you’ve created in your life that is healthier without the poisonous pal.

You can’t change a toxic person, don’t try! People who are toxic don’t want your help. They want folks to just put up with their nonsense. Toxic folks are smart, cunning, and plain old negative; they are always looking to stir up some trouble. These people fail to see how hurtful they are to others and in some sick way, they are gleeful about it.

Don’t normalize an unhealthy behavior.  Emotional or verbal abuse is NEVER OK; it is not acceptable! If you allow bad behavior to continue, a toxic person will think you are fine with the way they’re treating you. Once they know you’re a difficult target to hit, toxic people will eventually give up. Learn to prioritize your own happiness and sanity.

Breaking up with a toxic person might be hard but…. The more time you spend with a toxic person will mean less time uplifting YOU. Clear space in your life for those folks who are inspiring, upbeat, authentic, godly and who put a smile on your face. Words to live by…Energy flows where attention goes!