Celebrate the 2021 inauguration with Vice President Kamala Harris inspirational merchandise

Many folks want to remember the momentous and historical 2021 inauguration.

We’ve got the first-ever female, African American, vice president–Kamala Harris!


Vice President Harris is an icon, and many folks want to remember the momentous and historical 2021 inauguration when she was sworn into office.

We found great unofficial Kamala Harris inspirational merchandise you can scoop up that will definitely mark the beautiful and emotional moment in time.


Women’s Madam Vice President Kamala Harris sneakers MVP, low-top canvas tennis shoes, available in three colors and up to size 11; NapoleonsFirstLove; $70, Etsy
tee kamala
Kamala Harris for the People unisex cotton T-shirt, available in five colors; $14, Amazon
Excuse Me, I’m Speaking Madam Vice President Kamala Harris mug, ceramic, height 3.85″, diameter 3.35″, dishwasher/microwave safe, BidenHarris2020Store; $20, Etsy
kam sweatshirt
Kamala Harris Sorority Colors Sweatshirt, LegendInfluence; $36, Etsy


Young Kamala Harris tote bag, polyester, reusable,  DesignsByAB; $30, Etsy


face mask
Madame Vice President face mask, two layers of soft 95% polyester and 5% spandex fabric, fits snugly over mouth and nose; $10, RedBubble.com