Are you good with our new normals?

No one would argue how we've certainly had to make the pandemic's life-altering measures fit into our lives.

Well, here we are in 2021 with new normals. Few years in American history are so eventful they garner a reputation of their own and the year 2020 was it!

It was certainly historic, unlike any other, it was a time that ushered in a wave of challenging changes. The optimism and celebrations of early January were quickly replaced with fear and uncertainty as COVID-19 reared its ugly head – a global pandemic that’s been referred to as a “once-in-a-century” event.

For many of us, the implication of a global pandemic meant that we had to work remotely, wear masks, skip the gym, and order everything in. For others, sheltering in place meant loneliness and isolation. Suffice it to say, we all had to adapt to a new restricted way of living. Some of us went along willingly and others not so much.

No one would argue how we’ve certainly had to make the pandemic’s life-altering measures fit into our lives. Here is a list of the things that once were, to what is now considered our new normals:

Once upon a time: Donald J. Trump, a man who created a harsh division between the citizens in this country and who led us down a long and painful spiral

New normal: President Joe Biden who gives us a huge sigh of relief from the anxieties that plagued our country these past four years


Once upon a time: dining inside a restaurant

New normal: curbside pick-up


Once upon a time: visiting a doctor’s office

New normal: Telemedicine services


Once upon a time: watching your weight

New normal: “Quarantine 19,” packing pounds during the pandemic


Once upon a time: getting stuck in heavy traffic on your way to work

New normal: rolling out of bed and working remotely


Once upon a time: sticking to a work dress code

New normal: scoffing at restrictive attire and being productive in PJ’s or sweats


Once upon a time: going to movie theaters

New normal: watching movies on Netflix, Apple TV, or other online streaming platforms


Once upon a time: shopping in brick & mortar stores

New normal: shopping online


Once upon a time: gym memberships

New normal: at-home workouts


Once upon a time: manicures & pedicures at salons

New normal: DIY at-home manicures & pedicures


Once upon a time: boring Mike Pence

New normal: dynamic Vice President Kamala Harris


Once upon a time: surgical masks

New normal: eye-catching masks


Once upon a time: attending live music concerts

New normal: virtual concerts


Once upon a time: visiting your therapist’s office

New normal: addressing your mental issues via virtual therapy


Once upon a time: walking into a showroom to purchase a car

New normal: virtual car buying


Once upon a time: shopping at a grocery store

New normal: online grocery shopping


Once upon a time: picking up your takeout order

New normal: using a food delivery service like DoorDash or Uber Eats


Once upon a time: materialism

New normal: minimalism


Once upon a time: permed hair

New normal: natural hair


Once upon a time: styled hair

New normal: African headwrap


Once upon a time: watching gossip shows on TV

New normal: hitting YouTube to catch up on gossip via shows like Cocktails with Queens hosted by Claudia Jordan 


Once upon a time: the clean-shaven look

New normal: an unkempt 5 o’clock shadow