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Almonds are a true miracle food for older adults

If you had to pick just one type of nut to eat, let them be raw almonds (natural and unsalted)! The miracle food is not only healthy because it is a great source of such nutrients like protein and calcium, but they are powerful in so many ways that are beneficial for us 50-plussers!

Brain function:  Almonds can help with memory because they also contain riboflavin and L-carnitine, nutrients that boost brain function and can even help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. If you have trouble with concentration and your mind just can’t sit still to focus on what you’re doing, the phenylalanine in the nuts help improve reflexes and alertness.

Heart health and cancer:  Almonds are a staple of a hearthealthy diet and provide many health benefits. Like many other nuts, almonds are high in fat, but they’re packed with healthy monounsaturated fat. The nuts may help improve cholesterol levels, and if consumed as part of a low-calorie diet, may aid in lowering high blood pressure. Studies revealed that almonds have specific anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation in your heart and your vessels. In addition to their ability to prevent heart diseases, almonds can help keep cancer at bay, since chronic inflammation leads to cancer.

Constipation:  If you’re having problems getting things moving digestively, just eating five almonds daily can get you going again.

Bone density:  Many folks over 50 suffer from bone density loss issues. Osteoporosis, a common disease that affects many older adults, occurs as a result of a decrease in calcium in bones and teeth. The tree nuts pack a powerful nutritious punch. Not only do almonds contain nearly 200 mg of the recommended daily dose of calcium, they also deliver a whole host of nutrients—fiber, manganese, vitamin E, to name a few—that help build healthy bones.

Diabetes: Eating a meal with one ounce (28 grams) of almonds, may help lower the rise in blood sugar that happens after consumption by as much as 30% in people with diabetes but not significantly in healthy people. Almonds have been shown to reduce inflammation in people with type 2 diabetes.

Weight loss: A study conducted at the University of Purdue in Indiana proved that the consumption of almonds could boost your body metabolism by up to 15%. A fast body metabolism burns fat faster and with less effort, sometimes even in moments of rest. Almonds are also loaded with thiamine, vitamin B6, folate, niacin, and all are essential to increasing your metabolic rate. One ounce of almonds (20 almonds) can help you fulfill cravings for a salty snack and make you feel full. This way, you will not overeat or eat after a short time. So if you’d like to knock off a few pounds get crunching on the natural goodness of almonds!

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