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8 dangerous signs you’re not drinking enough water

Being thirsty is not the only sign you’re not drinking enough water. As a matter of fact according to medical experts, by the time you feel that urge to quench your thirst, you might already be on the verge of dehydration. Depriving your body of good old H2O can bring on a slew of health issues such as kidney problems, dizziness, and can even contribute to diseases like diabetes. On the extreme end, not taking in enough water can also lead to death.  The latest guidelines from the Institute of Medicine recommend that most women consume about 91 ounces—that’s actually about 9 cups of total water a day.  Men need a bit more; about 125 ounces (or 13 cups) a day.  A helpful reminder to stay hydrated: keep some water right within reach and take sips every chance you get throughout the course of the day.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Blacks do not consume as much water as whites or Latinos and usually turn to soft drinks and other beverages that are loaded with sucrose, lots of calories, and offer no nutritional value. A lack of hydration can seriously cause damage to our bodies, so if you experience any of the following symptoms it might be time to fill up that water bottle pronto!

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